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Coaching Moves

Keep an eye on the breaking news department today. CRN is looking to move on his OC position and looks like there may be a decision by this weekend. Here is Dohn on Chow-watch:

Norm Chow is mulling an offer to be UCLA's offensive coordinator, and if a decision isn't reached in the next 24 hours, Bruins coach Rick Neuheisel will likely move in another direction, sources said.

Chow, a longtime offensive coordinator at BYU and the offensive architect of USC's national championship teams under Pete Carroll, was fired from the Tennessee Titans earlier this week. He is discussing the possibility of joining UCLA with family members, sources added.

Neuheisel, who is out of town recruiting, and Chow had multiple conversations this week. Because of recruiting and a desire to name the rest of UCLA's staff, Neuheisel wants an answer so he can move forward.

Money is not an issue in the process after Chow was fired by the Titans despite having two years remaining on his contract.

According to the contract, Chow is guaranteed approximately $1 million per season. Any salary he would potentially make from UCLA would be subtracted from the amount the Titans owe him each season.

As a way to counter it, UCLA and Chow talked about a back-loaded multi-year deal, sources said.
And, in a weird way, as this Chow story is working its way out, it seems to be coming around in a full circle. After the Titans fired Chow, they went on to hire Mike Heimerdinger, Denver Broncos’ OC as their new OC. And guess who is trying to fill his spot? Yeap, according to the Rocky Mountain News, "Dorrell is considered the front-runner" for the Broncos OC position. Although, according to the Denver Post, the Broncos will elevate their current WR coach – Jeremy Bates – to "an expanded role in the offense," and bring in Dorrell as "receivers coach." Either way, if my understanding is correct, any potential Dorrell move back to Denver will make more re$ources available for the UCLA football program. So keep an eye on that story as well.


UPDATE - N: Looks like everyone is waiting on Chow (who is also talking to the Rams). Earlier in the week Rip Scherer (Cleveland Browns assistant) pulled his named out. Now he is indicating that he is back in as he is willing to wait for the decision from Chow. GO BRUINS. -N