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A Little Dose Of Humility

The Ben Ball warriors are human after all.

All week long we talked about how this was going to be a very tough game and how even though they are JustSC they were going to bring it giving everything they have treating this as their game of the year.

Well it certainly appears our guys as good and resilient they are read a little too much of the hype coming from us and rest of the beat press. Bruins lose a game at Pauley (boxscore):

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Danny Moloshok

More importantly we all get a much a much needed dose of humility.

Forget about banner number 12.

Forget about winning the Pac-10 championship.

Right now the only thing our guys need to focus on how they have to fight, scratch, and claw, get back their intensity to win their next game in Oregon. Because this afternoon it was clear: the TrOJIes wanted it lot more than us. That hurts and burns a lot. And I hope its hurting and burning our team.

Hopefully they will use this little dose of humility to rally rest of the season.

Thread it up, vent, commiserate in this post game thread.


UPDATE: Post game comments from Coach Howland.

Thank you Grok451. Watching that video made feel a little calmer. GO BRUINS. -N