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For those of you that can't get enough Neuheisel and missed hearing him this AM, he was on the Dan Patrick show this morning on AM 570. I myself can not get enough minute by minute RN news. Reading any UCLA and RN news is great, but listening to him talk about the Bruins gets me even more pumped. I like that he has an immediate comeback for any reporter that throws something at him. I would have had to kill myself if I had to hear another year of canned responses like "rebuilding" and "righting the ship".
Here you go...

The great thing about all of the Neuheisel exposure is that not only is this an amazing shift in the spotlight, but I think this is definitely getting inside the heads of the trojies. A few SCum alums at my office were crying about RN getting interviewed at an SC game, and that they already had enough of the round-the-clock Neuheisel coverage.

Unfortunately for them I don't see RN's strategy as being someone to lay-low and hide in the cover of darkness.  RN's excitement has even shaken-up casual Bruin fans. I've been going to games for 15 years and some alums called me up (who have only been to a handful of games, including while in school there) and were asking about season tickets.

Oh how wonderful it would be to actually take back the city.

Let's do this!

Go Bruins!

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