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Get Your Oscar Fix, Blog-Style

So, you may be telling yourself that you're here for your daily Bruin fix.  But, we know your real passion.

You don't bleed blue and gold.  You love awards shows.  Yep, and Bruins Nation is only sad solace in a cruel world where a writer's strike threatens what you hold so dear.

Oh, dear God, the pagentry!

Admit it.  The sight of a drug addled movie star slurring though his or her acceptance speech is your cat's meow.  You set your TIVO three hours early, just to see the red carpet and to marvel at the spectacle that is Joan Rivers (and her even more talentless train wreck of a daughter).  You bet more money on your Oscar pool than you did the whole football season.

Right?  Right.

Good news, my friends, we have something just for you.  Yes, the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards are upon us.  Thankfully, a tradition started by the good folks from Rocky Top Talk has been continued.  This year, Orson at EDSBS has assumed the hosting duties, so that us bloggers can revel in, uh, ourselves.  And, as last year, MGoBlog's Brian has made that process even easier with a handy nominations gizmo.  Check it out and nominate yourselves silly.  The nomination deadline is January 27.

Why should you care?  Here's what Peter at Burnt Orange Nations says:

Why do we do this?

Believe it or not, it's not just a giant blogger makeout session, though we wouldn't blame you for thinking as much. In reality, save for one or two outliers, us blogger folk write year round just 'cause we like it. There's very little financial reward in this, but as most of you know, there's a wealth of great content out there for readers to enjoy. It's nice to take a couple weeks at the end of the season to recognize some of the best work from the season.

Not a blogger make out session?  Riiighttt.  (I keed, I keed.)

More seriously, for us Bruin fans, we have a great chance to recognize some truly great content being generated in the wider college sports blogosphere.  And who deserves the recognition?  Not us, gentle souls.  But, rather, for your consideration, I submit to you (as best Pac-10 blog).

We bask today in the sun that is Rick Neuheisel and a resurgent, dynamic, genuinely exciting football program in no small part because of the good work of Dumpdorrell.

So, take a moment, and use the gizmo to help give those guys, even posthumously, the kudos they deserve.  And, while your at it, step outside of this wonderful UCLA community (which some may argue is the best in the blogosphere), and check out some of the other fantastic blogs out there.  And there's no better place to start than our carefully selected list of blogs on our Blogroll.

Okay, enough of that, back to UCLA....