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[UPDATED] Dorrell Reportedly Lands in NFL

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A tough weekend, that seems to absolutely racing into the background.

After the blockbuster hiring of Norm Chow, the football program gets a nice shot in the (financial) arm thanks to Kansas City, which reportedly has hired Karl Dorrell as it's receivers coach:


After five seasons as head coach at UCLA, Dorrell was fired in December. He has previous NFL experience as a wide receivers coach from three years in Denver, where he helped Rod Smith and Ed McCaffery develop into one of the best receiving tandems in the league. The pair combined for 201 receptions in 2000. Dorrell is also credited with helping Charles Johnson and Michael Westbrook flourish at Colorado in the early 90s.

(HT to Daselfish14u.)

As you will now doubt recall, Dorrell's contract included a buyout clause that would pay him otherwise $2.05-million over a two-year period.  That amount is reduced by every dollar he earns in Kansas City.  So, here's to hoping Karl is well compensated.

More seriously, it is good to see KD get this gig.  He could have easily pulled a Toledo, and enjoyed some golf time on UCLA's dole.  Despite your views about anything else he's done, this was clearly the honorable thing to do.  And, it seems like a great fit for Karl.  Back in the NFL, as a receivers coach.  Good luck Karl.

UPDATE: As pointed out by bruinchick, this might not be a done deal, as there are conflicting media reports, some suggesting that Dorrell is heading to Miami as their receivers coach:

Former UCLA coach Karl Dorrell is expected to be named the team's wide receivers coach at some point this week, as Dorrell is believed to have chosen Miami over Kansas City.
Dohn also has something to this effect on his blog.  So, maybe a different team, even if same position and back in the NFL.  However it shakes out, the same sentiment applies.  Good luck Karl.

UPDATE II: It looks like the Dolphins it is for KD.