J.R. Sakuragi (Henderson) Article in the L.A. Times

There's a nice article on J.R. Sakuragi (Henderson) in the LA Times today.,1,5388837.column?coll=la-headlines-sports&ctrac k=1&cset=true
He has become a naturalized Japanese citizen and is a many time all-star in Japan. It's nice to see that he's playing well and is happy to be playing in his adopted land.
All of the 1995 team will always hold a special place in many Bruin fans' hearts. It truly was an outstanding group of players and they were also outstanding young men as well (God, I MUST be getting old!!!).
Speaking of the '95 Champs... We ran into Ed O'Bannon Friday night at Cirivello's in Long Beach (I have to give a shout out to the Brew Dawgs' softball team sponsor!). He was in town to catch the $UC game and visit family and friends. We didn't bother him too much, but all of us Bruin honks went up and spoke with him briefly. He was very engaging and even came up and said good-bye when he left. Maybe his pro career didn't end up how we all hoped, but for us, we still knew that we were in the presence of one of the all-time great Bruins.
For those of you who may not know, he is now a car salesman in the Las Vegas area. He has made no bones about his story and has truly accepted his lot in life. (Here is a link to a Plaschke story from 2006...)
Again, the memories of Ed, Charlie, J.R., Tyus, Toby, Cameron, George, Kris, Kevin, omm'A, Ike and the rest will live with us for a looooong time and I KNOW that down the road we will be reminiscing about this year's Bruins squad as well.

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