UCLA #1 in Baseball America's Preseason Top 25 Poll

UCLA was also #7 in the PG Top 100.

The Bruins come in at #1 on BA's preseason poll.

Baseball America also has a nice write up (subscriber content) on the great job Coach John Savage has done so far, detailing his three great recruiting classes thus far and the success the Bruins had in the regionals last year.

BA's 2008 Lineup

C Ryan Babineau Jr.
1B Cody Decker Jr.
2B Alden Carrithers Sr.
3B Jermaine Curtis Jr.
SS Brandon Crawford Jr.
LF Justin Uribe So.
CF Blair Dunlap* R-So.
RF Gabe Cohen So.
DH Casey Haerther So.

LHP Gavin Brooks So.
LHP Tim Murphy Jr.
RHP Charles Brewer So.
RP Jason Novak Jr.

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