Sunshine going after Mark Carrier

According to Scott Wolfe over at Inside USC, how deep I wonder, Sunshine is now going after former PUSC Thorpe Award winner Mark Carrier as Secondary Coach. As you can imagine, they are not happy at all and have resorted to their usual Bruin hating and name calling. Look at the interesting post, as well as my comical point of view. HAHAHAHAHA. Enjoy!!!!

Here is what I posted over there. HAHAHAHA:

Jealously and cheating will get you nowhere. You guys are hilarious. Clearly RN has done his job and gotten under all of your skin. I love it. Instead why not give credit to RN for doing something in less than a month that nobody thought possible. The funny thing is, like typical whinny TrOJies, you think you own everything and everybody, including past assistants. The fact is, these assistants worked at other places before PUSC, are not PUSC alums, and therefore have no allegiance to you. You guys sound like UCLA just stole your GF's. HAHAHAHAHA. These assistants obviously know where the NEW power in the Pac-10 will be and have decided wisely. I don't know if Carrier is any good, but if RN is after him he must be. With regard to Petros, you guys can keep Schmiegal. When nobody else wants to work for A-hole Chetey Petey, he can lick his bootstrap for an assistant's job. Schmiegal no lie Petey, Schmiegal love you. HAHAHAHA. This proves the only TrOJans that stick together are used ones. HAHAHAHA. BTW, after we are done taking all your coaches, we will take your players too. How sweet will it be when we beat you with all your coaches. HAHAHAHA. "I love the smell of used TrOJans in the morning, Smells like used TrOJans." HAHAHAHA.


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