UCLA hires Mike Linn as new S&C coach

Official UCLA press release can be found: here.

Linn was UCLA's strength and conditioning coach from 1999 to 2002, as well as a Bruin offensive lineman in the early 90's. Slightly worrisome is the fact that Linn's tenure spans basically the decline of the Bruin football program from a Rose Bowl to Toledo's firing. There were numerous reasons for the failure of that regime, though, and singling out S&C is generally a mistake when assigning blame or credit (just don't tell that to mgoblog's Brian Cook -- I keed, I keed). More information will hopefully be forthcoming as I dig a little deeper when I get the time. After his firing, Linn worked for several years at St. Louis University for a while, among other things. I'll leave you with the summary quote from the official release:

UCLA announced today the hiring of Mike Linn as the head strength and conditioning coach. Linn, who has both collegiate and corporate experience, previously served as the Bruin head strength and conditioning coach from 1999-2002. The 1993 UCLA graduate was a three-year starter along the offensive line on the Bruin football team and a member of three Bruin bowl teams. On another note, guys, can we please lower the minimum word requirements for diaries? The above didn't meet the 200 word-limit; no offense, but that's not the sort of thing that really belongs anywhere near a random comment in another thread.

Just saying. :)

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