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The (Chow) Aftershocks Continue

The Chow aftershocks continue to reverberate around Los Angeles. Plaschke is the latest to feel what is happening around Westwood:

This hiring could be a direct, smoking-hot hit.

"We tell our athletes, marry yourself to your future position coach, that's the guy you'll live with," said Bruce Rollinson, the venerable Mater Dei coach. "And now, if you're a quarterback going to UCLA, you're getting the real deal."

Rollinson is coaching the kid rated as the best high school player in the country, quarterback Matt Barkley.

And although Barkley comes from a USC family and seems to be a lock for the Trojans, he did make an unofficial visit to UCLA last week.

The conventional thinking is that Barkley would never dump Carroll for Chow. But then, the conventional thinking was also that UCLA Coach Neuheisel would never land Chow in the first place.
More from Plaschke on how this hiring could impact the recruiting trail:
"Norm Chow has just looked USC in the eye and said, 'Here we come,' " said Steve Clarkson, local quarterback guru.

If you don't think the hiring of Norm Chow as the UCLA offensive coordinator could potentially change the football landscape in this town, then you need to think like a top high school quarterback.

"A kid like that is looking for the best opportunity to get him to the NFL," Clarkson said. "Norm Chow gives him that."

If you don't think the hiring of Chow is the first serious shot that UCLA has fired at USC since Pete Carroll arrived, then you need to think like top high school running backs and receivers.

"Nationally, players from all the skill positions know him, not just quarterbacks," said Greg Biggins, director of player personnel for the Student Sports high school marketing firm. "Everyone knows his impact. Everyone feels like he just gave UCLA a chance."
Well, one guy who might be giving UCLA a chance in the short term and jump back on the blue and gold bandwagon is none other than Uona Kavienga, the blue chip LB from Leuzinger who had committed to UCLA, and then pulled out from his commitment to go with BYU (citing his Mormon faith). Well according to Dohn Chow may talk to Kavienga and get him back to being a Bruin. We will see.

Elsewhere, CRN continues to fill up his coaching staff. He has brought in Mike Linn as the new S&C coach. (HT Underbruin).

It will be interesting to see how the recruiting shapes up in these last couple of weeks leading up to signing day. I have a good feeling the vibe around signing day is going to be a lot different than what we have been used to for the last five years.