Timmay throwing himself under the bus?

Check the latest from the LA Times regarding the JuiceDuice ticket fiasco:

USC Coach Tim Floyd said Wednesday that he told star freshman O.J. Mayo that he could accept free Lakers tickets and that if anybody should be punished for potential NCAA violations, it should be the coach.

"My feeling is that if there's a mistake made, it was made by me," Floyd said. "If they want to suspend me for a game, suspend me for a game, but not the kid. He did the right thing."

Isn't that just insanity over in Southern Cal world? This appears to be a clear case of Timmay realizing that his star may get the hammer dropped on him by the NCAA and trying to take the blame instead. Even if we assume that the above is truth (a tough assumption, given the circumstances), what does that say about institutional control and compliance with NCAA regulations over in the hood?

Floyd said he thought it was acceptable for Mayo to receive complimentary tickets from Denver Nuggets All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony, whom Mayo has known since the seventh grade, because the players were friends. Mayo attended the Lakers' 116-99 victory over the Nuggets on Monday at Staples Center.

One thing that goes unanswered -- how did Floyd even know that JuiceDuice had the tickets? If I remember the previous story, Mayo got the tickets from Carmelo while at a party the night before the game. Does Floyd want us to believe that Mayo came and asked him if it was OK before going to the game? Really?

Asked if he was concerned that his actions could constitute an NCAA violation, Mayo said, "I'm not worried, man. I'm worried about Oregon State." The Trojans play the Beavers tonight in Corvallis, Ore.

Of course. Why should he be worried? He goes to the one "institution of higher learning" that gets a free pass from the NCAA

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