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A Statement of Resiliency

Let me get this right.

We go into the toughest gym in the Pac-10 without two of our toughest players. We look a little step slow on defense. The other team comes out with fire and with all the emotion and then we go on to lose pretty much our entire front court due to foul trouble.

Yet, despite all that, our warriors put together one of the more resilient performances in the Ben Howland era of UCLA basketball. UCLA pulls out a huge win at Oregon. The final score was 80-75. Here is the (early) box score.

Again, we have more than a few heroes. DC had a clutch game with a career high 21 points. RW with some money plays on both ends of the court and Dragovic with the biggest moments in his Ben Ball career.

But tonight belongs to:

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Rick Bowmer (via ESPN)

26 points, 18 boards, and even a bigger statement to an entire state.

Yeah, he is good.

Memo to Duck fans for the rest of the Pac-10: please piss him off some more. It works for us!

I gotta get some sleep.

Celebrate the resiliency of our Ben Ball warriors (yeah we will stick to that nick name) in yet another post game victory thread.

Thread it up.