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Football News & Notes

Some football notes for a late Friday night.

Lot of self proclaimed pundits have been trying to jump on our bandwagon. Trev Albert is the latest:

Albert was of course a huge fan of Karl Dorrell, who was officially hired by the Miami Dolphins. The key factor in this hiring:

Dorrell is to be paid a little more than $2 million over the next two years, though his salary from the Dolphins will be deducted from his UCLA buyout.
Well if you are wondering according to the LA Times the Dorrell's buyout clause at UCLA calls for "$2.05 million to be paid over a two-year period."

So yes. This works out very nicely and we of course wish KD the best of luck.

Lastly, I saw the note about Barkley committing to Southern Cal. For those of you who are absolute hard core recruiting junkies here was the key graf in the LA Times' story written up by Eric Sondheimer:
Barkley's private coach, Steve Clarkson, said, "He's had a silent commitment since last October. It was a decision he felt good about but never announced until now."
Consider this if not for CRN and his hiring of Norm Chow, Southern Cal wouldn't be forced to show their hand. Back in the day when we have not so exciting coaching staff leading our program the Trojans would have been able to take their time in this type of situation hold to Barkley as a "silent verbal" and pursue other blue chip QBs to stock up. Now that CRN and Chow is in town they don't have that luxury. So they were forced to show their hands and now CRN and co can go all out on all other blue chippers in Southland and across the country.

Yeah I say the game has changed a little bit. The latest TrOJie recruiting move proves it.