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Ben Ball Highlights

First, if you haven’t done so, please join me in giving some huge props to Grok451 for putting up highlights of last night’s key action at ridiculous warp speed.

Here are some of Grok’s goodies. To begin with, let’s get to the two key plays late in the game. Here is Dragovic’s huge bomb late in the game that brought the Bruins within one:

Simply the biggest shot in Nikola’s career which we hope will give him the necessary confidence from here on out.

And that bomb was followed by this, which is RW doing his best impersonation of AA:

Love was dominating, DC was clutch but those two plays were back breaker for the Ducks.

Grok451 posted few more goodies involving RW and the Terminator (AA2). Jump after the flip to check them out.

As we said RW got himself out of the funk he found himself last Saturday. Grok posted his difference making play above. There was also this heady move in the first half:

The key here as noted by Grok there was only 2 seconds left in the shot clock. Just an incredibly smart play.

Now couple of clips involving AA2 who got himself in foul trouble again. But when he was in the game he was well … sacrificing his body to keep the team in the game:

And after he got into foul trouble he played with enough poise not to foul out and making contrbutions down the stretch including getting this key block that helped us seal the deal:

So that’s a little taste of Ben Ball.

Beautiful stuff.