Huskies are like jilted lovers, they need to let go and move on

The Seattle Times still can't let go of Rick Neuheisel. They're writing a series of articles about the legal problems that plagued the 2000 Rose Bowl winning 11-1 UW team. In doing so, they do their best to put a vicious spin on UCLA's hiring of Coach Neuheisel. They write:

When Turner resigned in December, he lamented how the average fan cares only about wins and losses. "Have I been naive all this period of time? Have I spent all my time working on the student-athlete experience and trying to create better lives for people and our proper place in education, when all I should have been worried about was how many games we won?"

Less than three weeks later, UCLA hired Neuheisel to be its head coach. UCLA's athletic director, Dan Guerrero, said the school was concerned about Neuheisel's history of NCAA violations but figured that was in his past. More relevant was Neuheisel's 66-30 record.

"In the end," Guerrero said, "it was all about 66 collegiate wins."

That first quote is almost Streeter-esque, the kind of thing the Dorrellistas lived for. But that's neither here nor there. The point is, this investigation is rather comprehensive and does show that the program was out of control, but what freaking purpose does it serve to do this eight years after the fact? Seems like the Puppy media is scared that their boy Ty is going to be run out of town by nostalgic fans and are trying to support their boy. For his part, Rick has said this is his dream job and he wouldn't do anything to tarnish UCLA and I believe him. This is just utterly pointless nonsense.

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