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Number 2 Coaching Hire In the Nation

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From Dennis Dodd at CBS

2. Rick Neuheisel, UCLA: UCLA AD Dan Guerrero finally realized the risk was worth the reward. It had been almost five years since Neuheisel got involved in the NCAA Tournament neighborhood betting pool. It had been three years since he settled with Washington and the NCAA over his wrongful termination suit.

Since then, Slick Rick humbly went back to high school (as a volunteer coach) and worked his way up to becoming the Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator before going back "home." Bottom line, the guy can win, he works hard, he's an alum and he knows the landscape.

With Norm Chow in tow, UCLA is ready to go head-to-head with USC. There, I said it. The Battle of Los Angeles is on.
Here is the entire list. If you are wondering Rodriguez is number 1 in that list. June Jones, Paul Johnson, and Bo Pellini round out the top-5.

Guess Dodd is digging the overflowing passion bucket at UCLA.