New 5 star QB transfer???

Bumped. If this turns out to be true also be on the look out for former Michigan QB coach Scott Loeffler (as speculated on Sunday). Rick F*&^ing Neuheisel. GO BRUINS. -N

If this is true...

Now, don't get your hopes up about the dude on the right. However, apparently the dude on the left, freshman QB Ryan Mallett from Michigan, has already decided to leave the team and sign up with UCLA! Here's the source:

There is speculation out of Ann Arbor that freshman quarterback Ryan Mallett has decided to leave Michigan and will transfer to UCLA, according to a person close to the team. Here's Mallett's profile.

Rick F*&%kin Neuheisel, ladies and gentlemen!

UPDATE –N: Brian over at MGoBlog has a post up on this topic, which reads like a concession post (?). Wolverines are taking "comfort" in landing Pryor (a hot shot 5 star QB for this year’s class who some are speculating will end up in Michigan, should Mallet decide to transfer). So, if this is true, it could be a double whammy for RN. Land an incredible talent in Mallet, while keeping Pryor out of the Pac-10 (Oregon is gunning hard for TP). GO BRUINS.

UPDATE II -N: From Sean at Michigan Sports Center:

As I said earlier today, listening to Lloyd Carr in his final meeting with the media suggested that Mallett had already made a decision, and my opinion was that that decision was to transfer. (By the way, Carr was wearing Adidas gear in that meeting because he can do what he wants) What really is interesting about this whole situation is to see where quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler ends up, because there are so rumors that he could go to UCLA. At the same time, rumors suggested that Mallett and Loeffler may sort of be a package deal, so if both landed in Westwood it wouldn't be surprising. Also per godblesstyus95 in the comment thread ESPN reported that "Lloyd Carr has spoken with Mallett and knows his decision, but wants Mallett to 'announce it himself'." Stay tuned. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE III -N: As flagged by SuperBruinMan in the comments, from Detroit Free Press, Debbie Malley pour a little cold water on all the speculation: "No decision has been made," Debbie Mallett said Thursday night of her son, the freshman quarterback — currently — at Michigan.

"Everybody thinks they know what Ryan’s doing. But Ryan has not made a decision yet. All these sources? They never came from anyone here." [...]

"He’s not a cure for cancer," she said of the thousands of fans across the country discussing her son. "We appreciate he has fans, but I don’t know how he handles this. He’s just 19 years old." LOL. Point taken. But next time we see any news report we will surely take note of it. In all fairness, from what I am hearing UCLA is not the only school in picture at this point. This all depends on where Scott L ends up as an assistant coach.


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