Recruitng: Dean (TX RB) Wanting A Swig From Passion Bucket?

Some good news (maybe) and some bad news.

Here is the bad stuff first (which is also mixed with some good news). Looks like Darrell Scott to UCLA possibility (it was probably remote to begin with considering how Colorado and Texas have been fighting over him) is off. The official visit didn't go all to well according to Dohn:

Looks like UCLA can forget about St. Bonaventure running back Darrell Scott. Coach Rick Neuheisel went to see him, but sources said Texas happened to be there, too, and UCLA was put off by that. Sources added UCLA pretty much decided to no longer pursue Scott.
Also, Neuheisel went to visit Hemet High offensive lineman Hamani Stevens and sources said UCLA made a huge amount of progress and Stevens is now a real shot for UCLA. If Hamani comes to UCLA he just may have a shot to block for a blue chip RB from Texas. Talking about Aundre Dean from Texas. Dohn said yesterday UCLA had 50-50 shot with Dean: Katy (Tex.) High running back Aundre is still considering UCLA, and at this late juncture I was told by a source close to him that bodes well for the Bruins. I was told by the source it "50-50" he would wind up at UCLA, but right now Louisville is the school pushing the hardest (along with UCLA) for him. I just read on an Arkansas message board that Dean is leaning towards UCLA: Aundre Dean going to UCLA....

Another school that was in the mix was Arkansas, but Dean called the Razorbacks coaches on Monday to inform them that he's down to UCLA and Louisville, with the Bruins holding the clear edge.

"I'm really leaning towards UCLA just because that's where I committed the first time," he said

Gotta love how CRN is blitzing on all fronts in the recruiting trail.

You can just feel a totally different level of energy (full of passion bucket!) in the world of UCLA football.

Go Bruins!!!!!

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