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Wanting A Part Of the Bruin Action: Special Game Day Thread

We can all talk about bleeding blue and gold. But how many of you are willing to camp out for days, give up your Friday night, just so you can be part of this crew on gameday?

Photo Credit: Jack Rosenfeld

There is something magical about cheering for that four letter word across the jerseys of our Ben Ball warriors. And it looks like there are thousands who want to be a part of it. Here is yet another annual proof. From the LA Times (via UCLA newsroom):

As has been true for about a decade, UCLA again received the most applications -- 55,346 -- of any school in the nation.
Yeah. I know we are all shocked. Everyone wants to be a part of this Nation.

So that said this thread is in honor of the Den which is appearing in front of a national tv audience in less than two hours. WWL's Game Day show is coming up at 5 pm PST. So consider this a special pre-game online tail gaiting thread. Our regular Open Game thread will follow just mins before tip-off at 6 pm PST.

There is lot to talk about. Pac-10 race is tight. Stanford just pulled out a huge win at Wazzu. Bruins need to keep pace and take care of business tonight.

Anyway I will stop rambling. So you can fire away.