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Happy Birthday Jackie

Join us in celebrating the birthday of the Legend, the Man, A Bruin:

Jack Roosevelt Robinson

Photo Credit: mark6mauno's photostream(flickr)

Happy Birthday Jackie.

Kind of interesting that we haven't seen any mention of Jackie's birthday in today's LA Times. You'd think there would be profiles celebrating one of the greatest Americans (who happens one of the greatest Bruin, Dodger, you know an Angelino) in his home town paper. Then again responsibility also lies with UCLA's public relations office (not just the Athletic Department's PR office but the entire University's PR dept) to get the word out. Oh well.

But no worries. We will celebrate Jackie here on BN. Many thanks to Seth C from Double T Nation who pointed me to this great read courtesy of Black Fives Blog:

Did you know that Jackie Robinson was much better at basketball than he was at baseball?

In fact he may have been the finest basketball player of his time.

Robinson was so good on the court that in 1946 he played for a little known racially integrated professional basketball team called the Los Angeles Red Devils.

The Red Devils were organized seeking to join the National Basketball League (N.B.L.), which, in its merger talks with the N.B.A., wanted a West Coast franchise.

They played home games at the Olympic Auditorium in downtown L.A.

Robinson was already famous as U.C.L.A.'s first (and still only) 4-sport letterman, in football, baseball, basketball, and track.

He was exceptional as a forward for U.C.L.A.'s basketball team, leading the Pacific Coast Conference Southern Division (now Pac-10) in scoring in 1940 and 1941.

"But scoring is the least of the dusky marvel's accomplishments," noted the Chicago Defender. "A lightning dribbler and glue-fingered ball handler, his terrific speed makes it impossible for one man to hold him in check."
Make sure to read the entire article full of wonderful pictures.

IMHO a great way to honor our legend is go to the Jackie Robinson Foundation's website and support their work.

Otherwise join me in this thread and wishing a Happy Birthday to Jackie.

Here is to you Mr. Robinson. We are blessed to be part of your Bruin Nation.