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Center Court: Ben Ball (Cal) Open Thread

The Bruins finish off their tough Bay Area road trip this afternoon at Berkeley. We have talked about it enough in the last 24 hours. This is going to be a battle where, once again, we will have to depend on our defense.

We will also need to make some clutch shots:

Photo Credit: psychofish's photostream (via flickr)

DC has been off and on this year recovering from his injury. This will be an opportune time for him to step up. If you want to read up more on DC and rest of his Ben Wall warriors matchup with the Bears go here and here.

The tip off is set for 3:00 pm PST (FSN/FSN Prime Ticket). If you are not getting the game on television you can follow it via links provided at the official site.

As always, if you are watching, listening, following, or tracking the game online, post your comments here.

This is our Ben Ball Warrior open thread.

Fire Away.