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Methodical Machine

Ben Ball warriors pull off another HUGE ROAD win, setting themselves up for a great start in the conference season.

Tonight was yet another total team effort against a very talented Cal team. The final score was 70-58. (boxscore). As MJ said during the broadcast, we looked like a "methodical machine." Love was spectacular. Luc and DC had some clutch shots. And, of course, there was the prototypical Ben Ball defense and offensive execution down the stretch that helped us cut down the Trees.

All that said, in my book, here is the story of this afternoon:

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Ben Margot(via ESPN)

That's AA's heir apparent. If he keeps this up (not to mention his lockdown defense, explosiveness to the basket, fire and hustle around the boards, great ability to find team-mates, and composure down the stretch) we will have to retire the initials "RW" in the Nation.

Oh, by the way, Ted Rebinson (the idiot Fox Broadcaster) ... what "rivalry"?

Thread it up in yet another Ben Ball post game victory thread.


Update -T: Thanks to psyberchologist we now have video as well