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The Female Lavin?

I know a lot of folks may not care about womens' basketball, but we still have to take note when one of our athletic programs is not living up the expectations of the gold "C" on our uniforms.

So much for all the excitement around the Lady Bruins' upset of number 2 Stanford.

Just as some expected, they follow it up with a flop against (number 10) California. From Perelman in What's Bruin (emphasis mine):

Freshman guard Darxia Morris had UCLA in position to defeat No. 10 California, but a knee injury ended her day and the Bruins fell in overtime, 73-70, in Pauley Pavilion on Sunday.

The Bruins, led by Morris, had a 64-59 lead with 5:38 to play, overcoming a 37-30 halftime deficit. But she bumped knees on a drive to the basket and left with a right knee injury. UCLA scored only one more point in regulation and the game went to overtime at 65-all.

UCLA led 68-66 in overtime, but Cal's defensive pressure, a lack of movement on offense by the Bruins and good foul shooting by the Bears ended the game on a 7-2 run for Cal. Senior forward Lindsey Pluimer had 16 to lead UCLA, followed by Morris with 14 and freshman guard Doreena Campbell with 10. Cal's leading scorer was Natasha Vital, who had 18.
I didn't get to watch the game. But it sure sounds like a Lavin coached team that wilted under pressure. From BruinTechie in response to M's post re. the Stanford win:
In my 7 years following the team, there has only one okay year and that was the 05-06 year where Nicki Blue dragged that team to a Pac-10 tournament championship.  We were third in regular season play and only made it to the second round in the NCAA tourney.

That being said she has a .521 winning average from 94-06 which is the worst of any UCLA basketball coach since before Coach Wooden.

That being said, UCLA doesn't even appear in the top 50 in attendance for W BB, I don't think anybody cares enough to make much noise about this.  Maybe if she disappoints next year with her best recruiting class ever playing this year, maybe somebody will say something.
Hmm. As I mentioned in the same thread, I don't follow womens' basketball with the same zeal I do wrt football and hoops. But we are always open to hearing from folks who care about this sport.

From cursory information, it sure looks like Olivier has been underachieving year after year, and her team is predictably inconsistent just like those joke Lavin teams from the dark years. So what gives? Why is she still drawing a paycheck? And can we expect some accountability if she continues to underachieve year after year? Again, I would love to hear the takes from someone who follows this sport closely.