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[UPDATED] (Bruin) Legends Of The Fall has set up a very cool photo gallery set of the Greatest College Football Players by Numbers.

Two Bruin legends made the list:

That's right the "Great One" - Gary Beban (16), and All America FS Eric Turner (29), and 3 Time All America LB Jerry Robinson (84) made the list.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to watch Turner. And it still burns me up remembering how he got injured late in the 4th quarter against those South Central clowns in the 1990 game, in which Todd Marijuanavich connected with Mortan to pull out a heartbreaking win. To this day, I believe that TD would have never happened if ET was in on that last play. R.I.P. ET.

Other Bruins who were honorable mentions: Kenny Easley (S, 5), Bob Waterfield (QB, 7), Troy Aikman (QB, 8), Kenny Washington (RB, 13), Billy Kilmer (QB, 17), Jackie Robinson (HB, 28), Paul Cameron (TB, 34), Burr Baldown (E, 38), Tom Fears (E, 55), Hardiman (G, 60), Jonathan Ogden (T, 79), Rommie Loudd (E, 82).

Congratulations to all the Bruins. Although I must humbly submit that the list is missing a certain lefty wearing No. 18. Any one else who should have made the list?

Discuss that topic or other issues related to college football since the game takes the national spotlight for one more night tonight.

Hopefully, one of these days CRN will have our boys playing in a game on the first Monday following the early January BCS bowl games.

Fire away.