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Coach Neuheisel At Work ...

Coach Neuheisel is working behind the scenes, putting together his coaching staff and solidifying the recruit class. Meanwhile, folks up and down the coast are taking note of how he has gotten under Pom Pom’s (dirty) skin:

Rick Neuheisel brought a needle with him to UCLA and wasted no time trying to get under the skin of USC coach Pete Carroll.

In his introductory news conference last week, Neuheisel noted he has a career 1-1 record against Carroll, who has led the Trojans to six consecutive Pacific-10 Conference championships and six wins in seven attempts against UCLA.

"Time to get even with the guys across the street," Neuheisel told the crowded room.

Just to make sure he had Carroll's attention, Neuheisel promised to offer the UCLA offensive coordinator's job to the Tennessee Titans' Norm Chow.

Chow, in case you've forgotten, came to USC with Carroll and kindled an explosive offense. Chow gets credit for the transformation of Carson Palmer, the development of Matt Leinart and the synchronization of the thunder-and-lightning, LenDale White/Reggie Bush tailback combination.
I am not going to hold out hopes for Chow. However, that said, we should all keep an eye on our friends at Music City Miracles, the Titans community, which I am sure will keep an eye on any off-season developments related to their coaching staff.

In addition to firing his shot at Chow, Norton’s name is still out there. And now it sounds like another coach from Southern Cal is on RN’s radar:
Looks like we could have our first Pete Carroll-Rick Neuheisel skirmish. UCLA needs a secondary coach and USC graduate assistant Demetrice Martin is a candidate for the position. With a graduate assistant only able to serve two years, Carroll might have to come up with something creative if he hopes to keep his assistant.
That was from Scott Wolf in the Daily News.

Meanwhile, on the recruiting end RN is working his magic (on Rahim Moore):
Rahim Moore of Dorsey talked to Rick Neuheisel over the phone last week and already Neuheisel seems to be working his recruiting magic.
``He’s a good coach,’’ Moore said. ``He’s cool. He’s a mastermind. You can tell he’s all about greatness. He’s known for having a great offense, and that’s what UCLA needs. I feel he can come in and change some things.’’
And also locking up blue chipper Aaron Hester.

The guy has been on a tear. No wonder he is getting under the TrOJies’ (dirty) skin. And it’s pretty funny reading about it.