Players React to Coach Neuheisel

Per Brian Dohn:

"UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel held his first team meeting this morning. I ran into several players on campus today, and each one came away smiling and stoked at Neuheisel's energy and attitude in the meeting. They told me it was a direct 180 degrees from Karl Dorrell's approach."

Of course, this probably comes as no suprise to us here at BN. We've always known that CTS brought no energy to the team, but now we have some confirmation from the players themselves (and Dohn). Apparently, players aren't the only ones responding positively to Neuheisel. As far as recruits go:

"I'm hearing many of them are thrilled about DeWayne Walker remaining on staff, and Neuheisel is making a very good impression. From what I'm hearing, the class will remain mostly intact, although there could be one to get away here and there."

As many people have already noted, Neuheisel has generated more interest in UCLA football in one week than CTS ever did in 5 years. If you ask me, we couldn't have chosen a better HC. We are just beginning PAC-10 Ben Ball play and I'm already looking forward to spring ball. I never thought the day would come when I'd be this excited about UCLA football, but I sure am glad it has. Here's to a bright future for Coach Neuheisel and our bruins.

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