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Football News & Notes

Just as we speculated before the Norton to UCLA speculation is not dead yet. From Brian Dohn in the Daily News on Norton and UCLA:

Where Norton fits into the landscape of Neuheisel's staff is uncertain, but it could be contingent on what happens with Bullough. Fitzgerald received permission from Neuheisel to speak with Bullough, and the two met during the ongoing coaches convention in Anaheim.

Northwestern has an opening for a defensive coordinator, but Bullough said that was not part of his conversation with Fitzgerald.

"I don't see that happening at all," Bullough said. "I'm excited to be at UCLA."

Bullough was born in East Lansing, Mich., and played at hometown Michigan State. When DeWayne Walker agreed to remain as UCLA's defensive coordinator last week, keeping Bullough was part of the agreement, and he was given a raise.

However, sources close to Bullough said he has a desire to return to the Midwest.

One possible scenario is for Bullough to leave and Norton Jr. to move back to his alma mater to be UCLA's linebackers coach and assistant head coach.
As mentioned before we will know more by the end of this week as the NCAA coaches are having their convention (in Anaheim) which is supposed to end on Friday. Speaking of which Painter had some interesting info on DN blog (HT ’street) indicating how Coach Neuheisel is going out of his way to help former Dorrell assistants look for other jobs. Again a class move by CRN (compared to how the previous regime went through transition (to put it kindly) in their coaching staff).

Also as expected CRN’s enthusiasm is energizing the current players (HT OutOThsWrld):
UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel held his first team meeting this morning. I ran into several players on campus today, and each one came away smiling and stoked at Neuheisel's energy and attitude in the meeting. They told me it was a direct 180 degrees from Karl Dorrell's approach.
Also, I was told the next few weeks will consist of voluntary conditioning and weight lifting programs before the mandatory stuff gets underway Jan. 22.
And making "very good impression" on our recruits:
The recruits. I'm hearing many of them are thrilled about DeWayne Walker remaining on staff, and Neuheisel is making a very good impression. From what I'm hearing, the class will remain mostly intact, although there could be one to get away here and there.
None of this is of course a surprise to us. As Dohn noted I am sure we will lose a recruit or two here and there. But CRN will make up for them by brining other blue chippers who will be better fits for our program. We are going to win either way with CRN in charge.