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Pregame Guesses: Oregon

(A little business first: The results for Washington State and the re-calculated results for BYU are here in this FanPost.)

The good news is, the Bruins ride into Eugene on a winning streak. The bad news is,the last time the Bruins took a winning streak on the road, they lost 1617-0 to BYU. 


Have you ever been to Eugene?

I have ... once.

Went to visit a buddy who was going to school there -- we mostly hung out, drank beer, and saw shows at WOW Hall (sort of like The Troubadour or The Roxy of Eugene.) I think we saw 10,000 Maniacs open up for Camper Van Beethoven one night -- this was 1985 ... a year you should all remember as the last year UCLA won the Rose Bowl.

Speaking of 10,000 Maniacs, the Ducks' student section should be in fine form for a night game at Autzen Stadium.

This week's video was a tough decision.

I almost went with a John Belushi / Animal House sequence -- because the movie was filmed up there. I thought about a Pixies video, because Frank Black lives up there now. I sorted through a couple of young bands I liked, but decided against it, mostly to protect my own anonymity.

Then it hit me ... Eugene, getting drunk, frat parties (which basically sums up Oregon football games) ... I present to you. Eugen's own, The Kingsmen:

The Kingsmen - Louie Louie (rare 1965 clip) (via Sixtiesalltheway)


So, what about the game?

I'm tempted to test everyone's loyalty by asking "True or False, UCLA will beat Oregon," but for some reason that seems perverse.

I'm many things, but none of them are particularly perverse.

So, what should I ask?


Okay ... here goes:

1 - Yes or no, will UCLA cover the 19.5 spread? (This is the spread on Yahoo at the time I'm writing this post)

2 - True or false, Kevin Craft will attempt 30 or more passes?

3 - Name a Bruin who will score a touchdown. It could be on offense, defense or special teams. Just name a Bruin who will get a touchdown.



As always, leave your guesses in the subject line of your response. Guessing ends 30 minutes before kickoff tomorrow.