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Pregame Guesses: Stanford

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N

Work has been a six-ten, 280 bummer this week, I feel like I've been sacked seven times and thrown three picks.

But I wanted to get this up in advance of tomorrow's game, so here goes.

Hmmm ...

I already wrote the Stanford is a must win thing, so I'm covered on game thoughts.

I think it's a must win.

What about a video?

What video says Stanford?

I was thinking about some Grateful Dead / Bay Area tie-n, but that would be so obvious.

I hate obvious.

Okay, this is about as not-obvious as I can get on short notice:

The Tubes doing White Punks On Dope (via idflux)

I'll give a bonus point to the first guesser who gets the video tie in.

Here are the questions, and I'm doing this fast so don't laugh if the questions are lame:

1 - Name a Bruin with at least four receptions.

2 - Name a Bruin with a rushing touchdown.

3 - True or false, Stanford will run for less than 160 yards.

Thanks for being cool on the brevity this week. I'll total last week and this week next week.

Put your answers in the subject head and this ends 11:30 tomorrow.

Late ...