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PB Unleashed: Stanford Pre Game Thread

It’s home coming weekend. We can expect true blue out to be in full force at the Rose Bowl this afternoon.


Photo Credit: Kory Booth's photostream (flickr)

While we don’t have to wait the whole like we had to last two weekends, I am going to throw up a pre game open thread anyway. We have been improving a little by little last couple of weekends, so why not keep the momentum going (whatever it takes for extra karma).

Besides there are couple of early games for college football junkies to take in (for those who are not lucky enough to hang out at the Rose Bowl this afternoon) before the main course around 1 pm PST. Vanderbilt/Georgia kicks off around 9:30 am PST. Other games include Texas Tech at Texas A&M (9:00 am PST), Purdue at Northwestern (9:00 am PST), and Georgia Tech at Bowdenless Clemson (9:00 am PST). You can keep tab of the scores via WWL.

As always, if you need cram in some Washington State related notes check out our game page here.

We will have our game thread up about half an hour game around 12:30 pm PST. Until then fire away if you want to share thoughts, comments, snap scouting reports (on any of our future opponents) right here in our pre-game thread