2 commitments tonight!

Great to see that CRN and staff are hard at work and getting some quality guys at position of need.  Just in the past week we got a great commit from the OL S.H. from Hawaii.............and tonight we get a solid commit from Sermons, the DB from Diamond Ranch.  That is a great pickup because of our need in the defensive backfield. 

Then, we get a great pickup in Allmond from Bloomington, who can play either LB or FB.  I would personally like him at FB cause we are in so much need at theat position. He is also a very good linebacker too though.  

I really love the way this class is coming together.  We have so many young stud RB's, and if we can get Hilliard from Hawaii...........and the staff continues to get Offensive Lineman and stud blockers like Allmond who can block for Dean, Coleman, Knox, and the others...........and protect Brehaut.............well, we are on the right track. 

Way to go coaches, you are doing a great job!

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