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PB Unleashed: California Open Thread

So here we go.

Time to get this road show started. If the Bruins were to have a chance this afternoon, this guy will need a good start:42859195_medium
Photo Credit: Craig Mitchelldyer/US Presswire (
via the LA Times)

The kickoff time is scheduled for 12:30 pm PST on ABC (regional coverage). As always you can click on the links below under "Related Item" for updated game stats and track the game via UCLA's official site and WWL's game page.

Anticipating that this thread might fill up, we will have a second game thread go up around 2:30 pm PST (which should be around half time).

With that said time to get started with another game thread filled with our passion buckets. Let’s hope the boys in Bruin Blue can put it all together.

Fire away.