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NBA Season to Open ... Ben Ball Warriors All Over The League

Not sure how many Bruins Nation readers are NBA fans, but ...

Achilles is definitely an NBA fan.

I don't have a favorite team really, but I do watch games all the time. I root for teams that have players I like, but mostly I just like to watch the best players in the world play basketball.

I'm in SoCal, so I see the Lakers, mostly, and the Clippers sometimes. But I look at TNT (love Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller, too), ESPN and even NBA Channel sometimes.

It's even better now that there are so many UCLA guys in the league, many from the Ben Howland era.

With that in mind, I'm wondering what NBA teams you plan to follow this year, that you wouldn't ordinarily follow. (See, I'm trying to figure a way around all the Lakers fans just putting Lakers, even though they are following them because they are Lakers fans, not Jordan Farmar/Trevor Ariza fans.)

Just answer the way you want -- the poll isn't scientific or anything -- we're just curious.

Feel free to add any thoughts in the comments below.

(BTW -- Do you think that Luc and Gad ever sit around talking about the food at Ackerman or anything like that? It's weird -- their UCLA era were so different and so far apart, it's like they played for different programs. Same with Russell and Earl, I guess.)