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Recruiting BN Style

It's been nice to see recruiting pipelines open up for our football team.  And, obviously, it's hard to complain about basketball recruiting as the anticipation builds for a new season.

But that's nothing my friends.  Well, at least it's nothing compared to the recruiting gets I'm pleased to announce on BN today.

First off, [Bellerophon] is no more.  I'm happy to say that [he] has accepted our offer to join us as a moderator.  So, without further ado, let me introduce Bellerophon.  Let's here it for B.  Just read any of this guy's stories, and you'll know why we like him.  And it doesn't hurt to have a BN mod from Northern California in the house. 

Secondly, one of our long time members gets what I can only call a permanent "bump."  Our resident baseball expert and non-revenue sport guru, ryebreadraz, is henceforth an "author" on BN.  That means that rye has been given a few of the keys to the castle and can, among other things, post freely on the front page.  Of course, we largely did this - not to give special recognition to rye's excellent contributions - but to avoid the hassle of always having to bump his stories to the front page. 

You might ask: how did we manage this recruiting coup?  Well:


That's right.  Taking a page from our friends across town, we used what we had to.  Cold.  Hard.  Cash.  (Photo credit brahsome.)

So, let's hear it for these guys.  Another example of this community growing and becoming more vibrant because of your contributions. 

Have a happy Halloween all.