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PB Unleashed: Washington State Pre Game Thread

We’ve got a long way till the kickoff and till our Bruins take the field:  2898958178_a71cf4fdff_medium

Photo Credit: Jack Rosenfeld

I am sure many of friends are out there on the Rose Bowl living it up, tailgating away on that beautiful golf course. For rest of us (especially those not in the West Coast), we will be taking in number of games leading up to our kickoff around 7:15 pm PST.

Florida @ Arkansas (9:30 am PST), PSU at Purdue (9:00 am PST) Texas @ Colorado (4:00 pm PST), Oregon at Southern Cal (5:00 pm PST), tOSU at Wisconsin (5:00 pm PST) are just some of the games that might keep you entertained. You can keep tab of the scores via WWL.

If you need cram in some Washington State related notes check out out game page here.

If you are watching you can post your thoughts, comments, snap scouting reports (on any of our future opponents) right here in this as a pre-game thread.  We will have the game thread up tonight about half an hour before our kickoff. So fire away.