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PB Unleashed: Washington State Open Thread

Off we go.

Bruins need a win … badly. As do the Cougars who are coming into the Rose Bowl looking at UCLA as perhaps their only chance at a victory in their long season. Our recent history against the Cougars have been nothing short of nightmarish. As we have discussed all week, Paul Wulff’s team will have a shot in pulling off what some will consider as an upset against the Bruins.

Bruins will need to come out with aggression on both sides of the ball with stellar play from the special teams:

Photo Credit: dathomas9's photostream (flickr)

They will also need to stay focused and disciplined, eliminating the mistakes from previous weeks

The kickoff time is scheduled for 7:15 pm PST on FSN Prime Ticket. As always you can click on the links below under "Related Item" for updated game stats and track the game via UCLA's official site and WWL's game page.

Let’s hope the boys in blue can put it all together. With that said time to get started with another game thread filled with our passion buckets.

Fire away.