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Bye Week Roundup: Recuiting w a Bruin Chopper

Looks like CRN is using a chopper again to recruit all over Southern California (with a heavy emphasis on the Inland Empire). Dohn reports:

In a jam-packed recruiting day, Neuheisel again threw some flair into recruiting, avoiding Southern California's famous Friday traffic by using a helicopter in an effort to get to a handful of high schools and take in three or four prep games.

Earlier this season Neuheisel impressed some recruits, including quarterback and UCLA commit Richard Brehaut of Los Osos of Rancho Cucamonga, by taking a helicopter to his game.

However, Neuheisel's landing was diverted that time and he didn't get to the game in time to see Brehaut, so he tried it again Friday.

Sources said Neuheisel was set to visit St.Francis of La Canada and Serra of Gardena during the day, then see games featuring Narbonne at Washington, Los Osos vs. Rancho Cucamonga, Centennial of Corona (and defensive lineman Will Sutton and UCLA receiver commit Ricky Marvray) against North of Riverside, and also has a possible stop at Cajon of San Bernardino (former UCLA commit and current Notre Dame commit Marlon Pollard, a cornerback), which plays Pacific of San Bernardino.

UCLA coaches are also carpet bombing the JC scene, looking for OL recruits:

The Bruins' staff will be out watching at least eight junior college games today, including Pierce of Woodland Hills against Valley. The focus at the junior college games is finding offensive linemen.

As always keep an eye on BRO and Bruin Blitz for the latest updates on Bruin recruiting. From the reports it is clear to me that CRN and his coaches are going all out to bring in talent. I haven't seen this kind of intensity and creativity (in terms of generating positive press in the local media) in Bruin recruiting effort in a while. KD didn't get anything going until his last year in Westwood.

Elsewhere, the OC Register had a report on Ben Olson, in which he didn't sound "enthused" about running the scout team to slowly work himself back into game shape:

“We're not at a point where anybody can afford to be giving up reps,” Coach Rick Neuheisel said.

Olson, who missed 11 weeks recovering from a broken bone in his foot, understands that practice time could be precious as the Bruins try desperately to reach a bowl game. If UCLA doesn't beat Oregon State, its chances of qualifying for a bowl game would be on life support.

“It's hard to jump back in when they're so worried about getting ready to play who they're playing,” Olson said. [...]

Craft continues to take the vast majority of repetitions with the first-team offense. Forcier gets spot duty. One solution Neuheisel suggested was Olson working with the scout team.

Olson didn't sound too enthused.

“I don't know,” Olson said. “I haven't run scout team in a couple years.”

Again, if Olson wants to return at this point, he would be better served if he worked with the coaches and contribute every way he can. I am not sure he is a position where he can be dismissive about the opportunity to work his way back by running the scout team. If he is physically and mentally ready, I think it will show no matter which team he runs during practices and work his way up the depth chart. Also, I find Olson's remark somewhat amusing during a week in which we read about Cowan firing up his team-mate, urging them to listen to CRN and coaches and focus harder during practices.

Speaking of focus and working hard, the OC Register has a great read on ATV, who has been shining on and off the field ever since his arrival in Westwood.

Hopefully, CRN's recruiting efforts will yield more ATVs in the coming years in Westwood.