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Halloween/Bye Week Saturday: Open Thread

Bruins are off today during this trick-or-treat weekend:

Photo Credit: Bolt of Blue's photostream (flickr)

Yet for college football junkies they are bunch of good games to take in this Saturday. I imagine lot of you might be watching the shoot out in West Texas. Like 66, I will be rooting for Mike Leach and the Red Raiders. That game is on prime time tonight.

To get ready for that we have some great appetizer in the matchup between Florida and Georgia. Florida State is visting Georgia Tech, a matchup pitting Paul Johnson against Bobbie Bowden. That's intriguing IMHO. You can keep track of the top-25 scores here.

Not a lot of interesting matchups in the Pac-10 today. Although our next weekend's opponent Oregon State is taking on ASU (in Corvallis) later tonight around 7:30 pst. If any of you are going to watch that game, would love to read your insta impressions here. You can keep track of Pac-10 scores here.

Enjoy your post-Halloween Saturday.