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PB Unleashed: Washington Pre Game Thread

It’s one of those Saturdays during which we have to wait all day till our Bruins take the field:


Photo Credit: Monica's Dad's Photostream (flickr)

If you are going to take in other games before the Bruins kick off later tonight around 7:00 pm (FSN national broadcast), here is the pre game thread.

I know I will be keeping an eye on number of games that are interesting to me for various reasons through out the day. The games that stick out to me: Georgia at Auburn (9:30 am), Northwestern at Michigan (9:00 am), and Notre Dame at Navy (9:00 am), and USC at Florida (12:30 pm). You can keep tab of the scores via WWL.

I am interested to see how Steve Spurrier’s Game Cocks does against the Gators. Georgia’s season has been bit of a letdown given the pre-season expectations. Yet they still are on their way to have another solid Richt (one of my favorite coaches in college football) season. It will be interesting to see how they handle Auburn on the road.  Auburn is having a pretty rough season itself.

I always tune into Michigan games to check out what my would have been alma mater (and my second favorite school) is up to. Lastly, if Navy somehow beats Notre Dame … well I will leave it up to college football junkies to imagine the subsequent drama in South Bend.

BTW make sure to get your pre game guesses in. We will close the thread about half an hour before our kickoff at 7:15 pm PST.

What games are you watching? As always if you are online, hanging out over here on BN, post your thoughts right here. Fire away.