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Mike Moser = Our Newest Ben Ball Warrior!!!!

And Howland wins another recruiting battle.

Dohn just broke the story. also has the story.

Mike Moser,  a blue chip wing-forward from Portland Oregon, who had previously committed to Arizona and then decommitted following Lute retirement, just committed to UCLA as recruit #5 in the class of 2009! MM picked UCLA over Oregon State (which was gunning for him hard as the feature recruit of their program) and JustSC.

How good is Moser? According to do a good friend of mine, whose opinion I have a lot of faith in, he is a much polished version of LRMAM coming into Westwood.

Here is an interview of MM at Nike Global Challenge:

Video: Mike Moser interview, Nike Global Challenge (via dubsackhustla)

Here is a highlight of an MM off the wall dunk:

Moser's off the wall (via cpflyer)

And another high light package of rim rattlers from MM and DG!

Mike Mosier and Drew Gordon Dunks (via yimr572)


Hopefully other moderators can update this post through the night if more info. becomes available.

Welcome to Westwood MM.

Again ... what Howland and his staff done to followup last year's number 1 recruiting class is nothing short of INCREDIBLE.