Dribble for the Cure

I just came back from Dribble for the Cure, an event someone posted here a few weeks ago.  It was a great event.  I had the chance to meet all the players and get autographs.  Ben Howland introduced the team, talked about training, and injury updates.  He didn't mention much that we haven't already discussed here on BN, but it was a nice recap nonetheless. 

J'mison Morgan is a great kid.  Some of the other players seemed a little bored signing autographs (understandably), but Bobo was just having fun with it.  He's so full of life and CBH says he's developing at a very fast pace.

Importantly, it was for a really great cause: raising money for pediatric cancer research.  USC has been sponsoring this event for three years now, and guess what... in UCLA's first year, we quadrupled the amount of money raised by USC.  Now, I won't knock the trojies here because I think it's great that they've been participating in this cause for a few years now, but I point it out to show what a big impact we can have in just our first year.  This is great and I will definitely be doing this again next year!


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