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We Saw This Coming ...

All week we have talked about how John Beilein's team have given Howland's Bruins difficult time over the years. Going into this game with a team featuring five freshmen we had a feeling that this was going to be a tough night:


Photo Credit: AP Photo/Frank Franklin II (via ESPN)

Well it wasn't fun. The Bruins got off to a great start. But it was Michigan Wolverines, that pulled out the win with more hustle, intensity and poise down the stretch. Bruins lose 52-55. Here is the box score.

Of course losing is not fun but we have to keep things in perspective. We went through the same deal in 2005-06 season when Coach Howland was developing a team mixing in veterans with young players.

I am sure there is lot more to analyze this game. I will try gather my notes tomorrow am.  The key issues are pretty apparent. Our seniors didn't step up. DC looked indecisive and JS was out of control. We need a credible interior presence and our freshmen will be going through growing pains.

Again ... we saw all of this coming. I am not too worried. I think we lost to a very solid team which was prepared by one of the better coaches in the game. We will go through our growing pains and end up where we need to be ... later this season.

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