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Center Court: Ben Ball (Southern Illinois) Open Thread

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Let me echo godblesstyus95 (emphasis added):

Let’s remember that they [our Ben Ball warriors] are still amateurs learning this game and developing both physically and mentally. Let’s also remember that a couple of players decided to return this year for a last shot at a championship… how ’bout a little more love for those playing for the 4 letters, and a little less for those playing for the 3 (NBA)?

I am with him and with DC, JS, JK, AA2, JH and all of our boys:


Photo Credit: Nick Laham/Getty Images (via Yahoo!)

Last night in someway might have been a necessary lesson which will give everyone a jarring sense of reality. But that doesn’t mean we get to mope around. Bruins are back in action this afternoon against Southern Illinois. I don’t have a lot of notes on the Salukis to share because of timing issue. You can check out there team pages on and WWL.

The tipoff is scheduled for 2:00 pm PST. It will be on ESPN2. You can also track it on our official site.

I do know that Coach Howland had our guys practicing early this am to get ready for the Salukis. He went right back to work to get our guys ready not just for this afternoon but for the long run. We will be with him and our warriors every step of the way.

So let’s buckle up and get started.

Fire away.