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Bye Week Saturday: Open Thread

Bruins don’t storm the field till a special Friday night national TV appearance following Turkey Day:


Photo Credit: savonnee's photstream (flickr)

So no games to get fired up for today but plenty of great college football action to take in for the junkies. The biggest game of the day is in Norman where Leach’s Tech take on the Sooners. That game is on prime time starting at 5:00 pm PST.

There is also the Michigan-Ohio State game kicking off at 9:00 am PST. Sure the game is not a marquee one given the tough rebuilding season Wolverines are going through but just like our last regular season game of the year, none of that stuff will matter. I will definitely try to take some of that action in today. Besides those I might be checking out Michigan State-Penn State (12:30 pm PST) and Stanford-Cal (12:30 pm PST). Here is the full scoreboard.

What are you watching? As always if you are hanging around here, post your quick thoughts, impression right here.

Enjoy your Saturday.