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PB Unleashed: Arizona State Open Thread

Brian Price and co. are on the road again tonight.

Let's hope they can continue to play in the same form they did in their last game (which was also on the road):


Photo Credit: Mark Harrison/The Seattle Times

For all of our notes leading up to tonight's matchup, check out our game page.

The kickoff time is scheduled for 6:30 pm PST on ESPN2. As always you can click on the links below under "Related Item" for updated game stats and track the game via UCLA's official site and WWL's game page. We have also added a link to, a great Bruin fan site which often streams our games for folks who can only follow the action via the internets.

Let’s hope the boys in road white can put out an upset. With that said time to get started with another game thread filled with our passion buckets.

Fire away.