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PB Unleashed: Arizona State Second Half Thread

Bruins are hanging in on the road down by a score of 6-14.

The defense has been DOMINATING. At the end of first half, Bruin defense has held to 61 total yards and 0 rushing yards. They simply have been outstanding with strong pressure up front, stuffing the run game and disrupting Carpenter. The coverage from secondary has been right which even includes solid tackling and coverage (knock on wood from Norris).

Now it's up to the Bruin offense to focus, get it together, and come through with some smart football in the second half. Here is to our offense getting into the endzone:


Photo Credit: Mark Harrison/The Seattle Times

Here is to the OL hanging in there allowing Craft some time to make some plays. And here is to Craft staying composed.

We are still in this.