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Saturday College Football Open Thread

These guys have a big weekend coming up next Saturday:


Photo Credit: Jack Rosenfeld

I imagine lot of you college football junkies will be taking in some of the rivalry action across the country today.

Our basketball game doesn't get started till 4:30 pm PST.

Until then you can check out Alabama trying to end their (6 game IIRC) losing streak against Auburn in the Iron Bowl (3:30 pm PST). Florida is going to try stay hot against Florida State (3:30 pm PST), while Georgia and Georiga Tech will go after each other between the hedges. That action gets started at 9:00 am PST. Here is the ESPN scoreboard.

If you are hanging around BN, watching these games, and waiting for Ben Ball open game thread to pop up around 4:00 pm PST, this is a special college football open thread just for you. Fire away.