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Doubleheader Thread: Bruins Blowout Golden Panthers/ Soccer Elite Eight V. Duke

I didn't get to see this game. So you guys will have to fill me and rest of us (who didn't get to watch tonight) on what we missed out on.

This game was supposed to serve as a classic tuneup for our young Ben Ball warriors as they continue to prepare themselves for the conference season. From the final score - 89-54 - it sure sounds like JA and rest of our freshmen had a blast:


Photo Credit: AP (via Yahoo)

Per the box score, JA finished the night with 8 points. It was his freshman team-mate - JH- who let the entire team in scoring with 20 points (w 2 assists and 4 boards). Heading into this game Bruins were working on basic team defense and judging by the scoreboard, it looks like they had a decent night, shutting down the Panthers and limiting them to 34.9% shooting.

Anyway, I think we should be careful about not taking too much out of what was essentially a practice game for our Ben Ball warriors. Hopefully the in game experience our youngs got tonight will be a useful building block for our next game, which is a big one against a great Texas program.

So if you watched the game tonight on TV or from Pauley, share your impressions right here in the post game thread.


UPDATE - N: Don't forget .... right now our women' soccer team is taking on Duke Bluedevils out at Drake in the Elite Eight. Full details on the matchup here and here. rye will be keeping us updated right in this thread. GO BRUINS.