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OSU 10 Years Ago

As we head into Saturday's game against the Beavs, I can't help but remember that things were decidedly different almost exactly 10 years ago. Then (11/7/1998), we were playing OSU, going for an 18th straight win. Things looked so rosy. We didn't know then that the wheels would all fall off at the end of the season and we'd enter into 10 years of purgatory. Ironically, this weekend we are again playing OSU. Now, however, we are struggling and working simply for one win at a time. Perhaps in a cosmic re-balancing act, we're beginning the new chapter and escaping purgatory. Think of what the future might bring, considering our new coaching staff, recruiting, and attitude.

Meanwhile, enjoy this short clip of the end of that OSU game, 10 years ago.