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Pregame Guesses: Oregon State

Achilles is on vacation.

He is somewhere across the Pacific Ocean, sitting back, relaxing and toasting to a historic week (I imagine he was plugged in a little on Tuesday night).

We can’t stop the fun while he is away though. So I will go ahead and throw up this week’s guessing thread.

As for previous week's guesses, I am sure when he gets back in a week and catches up with all his emails, he will find time to reset and tabulate the results. 

Well this week we are taking on Oregon State. Last time we played a team from Oregon, Achilles went with the Kingsmen from Eugene. I wish I knew of someone from Corvallis but I figured we can go with the Dandies (Dandy Warhols) from Portland:


"Everyday Should Be A Holiday" Dandy Warhols Music Video (via jjanos)

As for the questions, here we go:

  1. Jacquizz Rodgers will rush for more than 120 yards. True or False?

  2. Which of the following unit for score UCLA's first TD tomorrow? Offense, Defense or the Special Teams. [You can insert "none" if you think Bruins will not score any TDs]

  3. How many times the Bruin will sack Oregon State QB?

So you know what to do. Leave your guesses in the comment thread. We will close it about 30 mins before the kickoff.

Oh, and don’t forget we have an exhibition game coming up tonight at 7:30 pm PST. The open thread for that game will go up probably half an hour before tip off.